Our dreams

Our Foundation works towards the restoration of every person's dignity.

Fundación Potenciar Solidario is a social organization dedicated to collaborate with the dignity of each person.

Fundación Potenciar Solidario (Boosting Solidarity Foundation) dreams that all men and women under high vulnerable situations, reach the dignity that belongs to each person from conception till natural death.

It was born to coordinately contribute with the solidarity of social organizations, people  and institutions in Argentina through programs that aim at recovering  dignity, reestablishing  basic rights in the following segments:

the childhood that lives under inappropriate conditions of human dignity

the old age that lives under inappropriate conditions of human dignity

people with diseases, disabilities or handicapped.

What we are

Fundación Potenciar Solidario for the dignity of each person is legally incorporated in Argentina and follows all current legal and tax rules so as to receive donations.

Our Slogans

 “Heart to heart, one by one, person to person”

 “To do what's right, right”                                               

 “Many people doing little”

 “Aim high, go slow”

Fundación Potenciar Solidario  carries out the following programs to boost annual alliances with ONG Aliadas (Allied NGOs) and ONG Potenciadas (Boosted NGOs) for the dignity of each person:


ONG Potenciadas

(Boosted NGO's)

Annual, free program open to every single member of every NGO to which we offer Training, Support and Close Companionship in areas as Administration, Communication, Volunteering and Fundraising, to help them work and grow in a more sustainable way, without losing their social focus..



(CRM Salesforce

“Institutional Donors”


Deveolpment of a comprehensive platform about Salesforce system to administrate contacts, donors and volunteers to help them work and grow in a more sustainable way, without losing their social focus. 

Potenciar LOGROS

(ERP Netsuite Oracle software)

Deveolpment of a comprehensive administrative accounting platform about Netsuite system that to help them work and grow in a more sustainable way, without losing their social focus. 

Potenciar LIDERES

(Social NGO Leaders Support Program)

Training, networks in action and recognition to boost personal leadership of the heads of ONG Aliadas and ONG Potenciadas.

Potenciar LAZOS


Fundación Potenciar Solidario offers free programs to all NGOs that accompanies to boost sustainable growth and with their social focus. For that purpose it develops a diverse strategy of fundraising so as to enlarge planning of Fundación Potenciar Solidario and its social allies.  The generous help of our donors allows us to help those who have less to recover their dignity.

Institutional Campaigns

(Solidarity Meeting Night)

The Noche del Encuentro Solidario is an annual event of Fundación Potenciar Solidario where everybody who helps with this dream is present to develop fundraising so as to keep our social purposes.

Noche del Encuentro Solidario




These are some of the many possibilities for companies and institutions to support our work

Allied Institution

Companies / Institutions that boost the model of Fundación Potenciar Siolidario

Helpers “in kind”

Institutions that join with items in perfect conditions like clothing, food, building materials, household devices, stationary items, among others.

de interes
Información de contacto

Juncal 3540 Piso 7



11-3622-8553 solo por Whatsapp por el momento


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